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06 S vs. 07 S vs. 08 RS

Decisions, decisions....

Originally began the hunt for an older Boxster and after spending some time digging, decided to go with the advice of buying the newest that I can afford. Of course now I am going with a newer model, that I can't afford, or at least one that my wife says I can't afford. Go figure.

In any case - the local dealer has an 06 S, with 10 months remaining on the CPO, for what I believe will wind up being $27K.

Roger Beasley Porsche | Austin, Texas | New and Pre-owned Porsche Dealer

There is an 07, with no warranty on it, S, that I can get for somewhere around $28.5K. Here: Used 2007 Porsche Boxster S For Sale in Boston MA | WP0CB29897U730598 | Serving Quincy, Medford & Watertown

Finally, a guy up in Plano has an 08 RS60 for $38K, with factory warranty remaining through March of 2012. Red interior - a little tough to comprehend.

In all cases, I'd either put a Fidelity warranty on it, or an Easycare, or Carchex - something along those lines.

I'm planning on getting into track events every now and then, love shifter carts but want to take it up a notch. Also driving around town.

Question to the group - is the 07 and on a big enough step up from the 05-06? I've read that on the street 0-60 the answer is no, but on the track they are quite a bit snappier from 20-70mph. Is the RS worth any extra money?

Finally, do these seem like good deals? I'm not finding a lot of them priced better than this. I like the idea of local with remaining CPO for a few months on it, but I don't want to wish I had a slightly faster car 3 months from now either.

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