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Boxster 986, 1998, radio cutting out

Hi All,

First time poster so please go easy on me!

I am based in London, England. I have a lovely 1998 arctic silver 986 which is in great condition (only 69000 mi) considering that we don't generally have garages in London which means that our prize possessions are parked on the street (I can almost hear the Americans say "what?"!)

I have had the car for just over a year, as the second owner.

I'd like to seek advice for a problem I am having. The radio NEVER works, when you start the car! However, it ALWAYS works, if the engine is not on and the key is turned to "accessory".

The problem tends to go away on long journeys when the car is a bit warm but even on journeys of hundreds of miles, it can cut out. It also cuts out if you are a bit jerky changing gear.

Sometimes, with the top down, you can make it work by winding the windows up and down in a semi-random fashion...

In February 2011 when I had my service, I asked them to look at it. They said it was just the radio unit that was old, and that in fact there was no electrical problem. (Which I believe, because even in very cold weather, you can leave the car for days on end, get back in, and operate all the electrics like roof, windows and lights, without starting the engine)

But how come the radio issue seems to be linked to warmth or rev speed????

Before I commit to spending £xxxx on a new radio, I'd like to make sure the problem is not within the internal wiring of the car itself...

Anyone have any ideas? Would appreciate any thoughts at all... as I am officially stumped!

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