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you upgraded the IMS? You didn't make mention of that in your initial post.

Anyone know the cost of swapping in a different engine like a Subaru?
I'd love to see someone send Porsche NA a picure of that finished product along with a note regarding the decision making rationale.
A proud group of engineers won't take that lightly.

By the way, if you think the there are too many IMS related threads on this forum you should see how sensitive the Carrera folks have become on other forums after umpteenth prospective buyers and current owners chime in to stress over possible engine issues. I think its starting to sink in that first time Porsche buyers are becoming very gun shy about the pitfalls of these engines. Which leads me to believe that you'll be able to pick up a modestly used 996 on the ultra cheap before long-- it's not just Boxsters. This market is too soft and this 996/986 market community is too small to have these sorts of stories flying around. Perception is trumping reality and there's nothing sellers can do about that.
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