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Lost my engine- another one gone.

About 86k miles- 2002 S
Let me say first that I was the poster child for preventative maintenance. I have replaced everything in that car that could break, aside from the motor itself.
I changed the oil every 5K. Drove it spirited but no redline.
I just got finished with a new stereo/window regulators/brake disks/pads/steel lines/refinshed wheels/AOS.
I even had a new water pump in the trunk waiting for install.

Well the post mortem has not arrived, but while driving home the motor lost power and started with a small knocking sound. Before I could get it stopped, the knocking got really loud.
The motor still turns over, but the loud rob knock leads me to believe the car spun a rod bearing.

After looking up the cost of a new motor, I decided that the car was a total loss. The car running is only worth 14K. The mods and upgrades that you put on the car mean nothing.

I looked all over for a new Porsche. The motor is pretty much the same up until 2009 and I absolutely did not want the same motor. I could not bring myself to buying another Porsche with the possibility of a 17K repair bill in the near future. I really love Porsche, however I feel that they are just too unreliable. That car cost so much to maintain and repair. It is a shame that Porsche can not understand that people are expecting much more from a car when the cost is over 50K.

I went with a 2010 BMW 335IS with 14K miles. I will miss the box and the top down fun.

I have ALL SORTS of parts and tools now for sale. I will photograph them and put them online ASAP.
2002 S
Pedro rear stabilizer bar, CF strut braces, Maxspeed headers with 100 cell cats, Fabspeed cat bypass pipes, H&R springs with M030 setup, TRG rear links, EVO air intake, B&M Short shift kit, Raby IMS upgrade, Raby underdrive pulley
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