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Originally Posted by dghii View Post
I found a way to get the two sides lined up (timed) easily when I replaced a bad cable.

Before reconnecting the clamshell to the transmission, use a cordelss drill on each of the cables(while disconnected from the top motor) to move the side of the boomerang that connects to the clamshell to a vertical position. Check the arm for plumb using a torpedo level. Get each side level connect the clamshell and reconnect your cables to the motor.

Lower the clamshell until it is just about closed, just over the top of the trunk and verify that each side looks level. Remove a cable and use your drill if you need to adjust but I was able to align it in one shot using the level.
Thanks for the tip. I was thinking... one side hasn't been messed with at all, so I was just going to leave the one side with everything attached and try to line up the side with the new cable to the old one.
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