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Originally Posted by peterbrown77 View Post
Once you get the new cable you are going to be faced with the real problem - timing the left and right sides so that the top moves evenly. I read a lot of DIYs on it which involved measuring the linkage positions in various ways until I discovered something in the Porsche Service Manual that I wish I had done at the outset: there are timing marks on the power top transmissions.

First, remove both boomerangs from the transmissions by taking out the 19mm bolt. Once they are off, you will be able to remove the plastic disc-shaped covers. Next, reassemble the boomerangs minus the covers. On the aluminum casting of each transmission are a series of 4 lines - these denote the outline of the boomerangs. Using either a cordless drill and chucking the cable (the easiest) or a friend operating the power top button in the car, move each lever individually until it is aligned with the timing marks on the transmission. The drill is easier because it moves much more slowly than the power top motor so you can be more precise in positioning.

Once each side is lined up, attach the the cables back to the motor, and remove the boomerangs and reinstall the plastic covers.

Good luck.

ps. BTW, this doesn't mean your transmission is okay - it could be bound up and the consequence was it destroyed the drive cable but let's keep our fingers crossed, okay?
Ok, thanks for the tip. The top operated slowly the last couple of times it worked before it stopped. I guess we will see if the transmission is fried too. Thanks.
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