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Originally Posted by peterbrown77 View Post
You don't have to remove the cover on the motor.

You will see a silver clip where the cable enters the motor - pull up on it and it will come out in your hand. This clip retains the cable sheath for the drive cable. The drive cable is nothing more than a speedometer cable really - a square wire in the sheath. You can now pull out the drive cable.

Odds are, the one on passenger side will just a be a twisted mass of strands - that's what mine was.

If that is the case, you can either replace the cable or cut the sheath back an inch or so. The metal end is held in place by piercings through it - I just drilled them out with a small drill. Use a prick punch upon reassembly to hold the metal on on the sheathing.
Yep, twisted mass of strands. I will try the cable fix first. thanks! Looks like the cable is fried at least two inches down from the end, so I'll be ordering a replacement.

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