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I just got one!!!

Hello everyone,
Wednesday, 9/7/05 I bought a 2001 Lapis Blue Boxster. This is my first Porsche, although I had driven a 944 WAY BACK in 1986. I don't know if this is just a
honeymoom phase that I am in, but I love this car. I had plans to buy a Pontiac GTO but found that the dealerships and the salespeople were, for lack of a better word.....IDIOTS. They treated me like I was born yesterday, and wouldn't budge on the price. I happened across my Boxster last weekend while searching for a car. My expierence was incredible! The dealer could not have been nicer, my salesman was great, everything was fantastic!
Because the car was used, we had some hesitation about wear and things like that so we did some research on it using CARFAX. The car was Porsche Pre-owned Certified, which, I learned, cost the dealer around $1500.00. We researched a lot and when we went to talk to the sales man, he told us what the pre-owned certification involved and what it cost. He didnt lie, it was just what we had read about in forums like this.
I wanted to let everyone know that this forum was extremely helpful in making the decision to get the car. It allowed us to come up with questions that we might not have thought of and also gave us information that allowed me to know if the salesman was truthful or not. All in all, I dont know WHAT took me so long to even think about buying a boxster!!!! I wish everyone could experience what it is like to drive this car!!! Best of luck to anyone deciding to buy a Boxster, and special thanks to all who posted information about making the purchase!
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