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Originally Posted by jetty1
Tires are Sumatomo HTRZ II, rear 275 35 R 18 with spacers, front 235 40R 18, rears are at 42 and fronts 40 and 32. The one that I noticed the most severe cupping on was the one at 32 PSI. Guess I should ck tire pressure more often. What you guys think?

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Installing taller than stock tires & wheel spacers induces negative camber to the tire alignment which increases inner treadwear. I am guessing you are also seeing/feeling feathered edge treadwear not cupping due to front & rear toe setting being out of spec. What you need is a proper alignment by a mechanic capable of compinsating for the modifications. Don't waste your money rebalancing the tires as this has no affect on treadwear. If your car has over 60K miles or a leaking strut that could be a factor in the irregular wear.
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