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Originally Posted by Mr. Boone
...but if price is a huge consideration perhaps you should not be buying a Porsche.....
I cant tell you how sick of the "maybe a porsche is not your best choice" or "maybe if you care that much about money, a porsche is not the best car for you" comments I am. People come here not for general car buying advise, but advise on their porsche buying. I am not rich at all, but I have owned 2 porsches now. Clearly this guy has a lot more money than me because he CAN afford not only a 2005 Boxster that is well optioned, but an S as well (he never said he could not afford it, he just wondered if the 10 grand was worth it.... NOT a bad question).

Porsches are great -- have a fun time in your new one. You cant go wrong either way. My opinion is that the S model (for me) is less important on the 2005 models than the previous models.
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