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[/QUOTE=thstone]+1 on going a bit wider on the fronts to 225/45-17. This will slightly reduce some of the inherrent understeer. The next step is to get a performa nce alignment to get as much negative camber in the fronts as possible. This will make a world of difference on the track. The trade off is more inside tire wear on the street (which can be somewhat mitigated by swapping tires/rims to even out the tire wear) but if you do a few track days (equals more outer tire wear) then the general result will be mostly even wear across the tire.[/QUOTE]

I get a track alignment before going to the track and a street alignment after. Have worked out a pretty good deal with my alignment guy so it's not double the cost!! And in doing so I think I've extended the life of the tires...not running the street alignment on the track and vice versa. I really need to get R's and another set of wheels for track use, but, the garage is overflowing as it is and so is the storage locker.

Could be an ignition switch, but I replaced it a year ago or so when it wouldn't shut off completely and other strange electrical things hapened. It could be bad again, but I'm doubtful. I really think the gremlins are related to low power in the battery. Other than the slow turnover on start there were no other problems or issues, up til it wouldn't start. It started and ran perfectly til then. We'll see what the dealer says when they eventually call!

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