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2002 Boxster S parts (NHP muffler, turbotorque, Durametric, more)

Last week I sold my 2002 Boxster S to pay for tuition. I have a few parts left from upgrades I did. This is my first post in FS forum so I'm not sure if the pictures will post correctly so bear with me please. Items are as follows:

Maxspeed Motorsports NHP muffler: $500 +shipping (I have a thread from a couple years ago where I reviewed it that has further pictures if you search for it) approx ~10k miles on it

Technotorque2 intake plenum: $180 (if you're not familiar with it go here ) approx ~5k miles on it

Durametric diagnostic tool: $280 (used once)

Stock cupholders: Best offer $

Stock taillights w/gaskets: $250

Porsche Bose CR-220 stereo head unit: $50

Stock amber side markers: Free +shipping

Oil, brake, and windshield washer caps: Free +shipping

Clutch and brake pedal cover: Free +shipping

Genuine Porsche battery maintainer: $50 (used this past winter only)

Porsche Boxster full service manual: Best offer $ (printed and bound in three rings folders with labels for easy use)

I live in Portland, ME if anybody prefers pickup. Don't worry, the car was stored in the winters so it never touched snow/salt. Unless otherwise noted shipping is included in the cost.

Please contact me if interested or if you want photos. My direct email is or PM should be fine.

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