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Grrrr Need both battery and tires!

A couple of weeks ago the Box started showing signs of the battery failing...slower turnover on start, and once dead from leaving the radar detector plugged in overnight (stupid me). It's at least 6 years old (was in the car when I got it, so not sure exactly how old it is) so I'm not complaining a whole lot. Sunday night after being at a friend's house for a couple of hours it wouldn't turn over fast enough to start. arggggg. And after a couple of tries it just clicked. Another guy had jumper cables in his truck and we attempted to jump it. No go. It would turn over but not start. It SORT of started and ran for 15-20 seconds but was backfiring, and struggling to keep running. Gave up and called AAA on Mon morning. Went back to the car on Mon morning to meet the tow truck guy and tried to start it again, thinking I may have flooded it on Sun night. More strange went up and down, spoiler went up and wouldn't come down!! Towed it to the dealer, ( since I was 30 miles from home, just around the corner from the dealer and my independent was 40 miles or so from where I was) but they're trying to "work it in our schedule" and haven't gotten to it yet. geezzzzz. Really??? It's been two and a half days and you haven't gotten to it yet? lol....Must be a lot of broken Porsches in KC. I'm sure it will need a new battery and I'm hoping nothing stepped on the computer when it was in the process of dying!!!

Second issue: I currently have Bridgestone RE760 tires on it which have been great overall. I've had Bridgestones on this car and the 911 for a lot of years, so I have a good opinion about them. They're quiet, excellent in the rain, good dry traction, outstanding wear. They've been to the track several times, where they are just so so, and I've gotten between 15-20K miles on them. they're shot. Like I said, I have nothing at all against the Bridgestones', but want to try something different...better? I have heard and read some good things about the Dunlop Direzza Sport Z1. The survey at Tire Rack on them is outstanding, much better than the Bridgestone. So...Ordered the Dunlops yesterday and they shipped today. I got one size up for the fronts...225/45-17. Hopefully that will eliminate a bit of the understeer at the track.

This is going to be an expensive week.

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