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Originally Posted by Andrew McD
I've been blipping while accelerating, where as it looks like you need to come of the gas, blip and then go back on the gas?
no need to come off the throttle. just blip it. by blip i mean a slight, quick press. a double-blip would be a slight, quick press followed by a slight quick up and press.

Originally Posted by Andrew McD
So what is the button that you get too when you've fully pressed the accelerator peddle?
button? if you mean "kickdown" it's not a button but a throttle point. if you mean that "area"/"almost click" you get when you press it all the way, i think it's just the way the throttle fits with all of the cables/linkages behind it. i don't think it's an actual button is it? i may have to go look behind my pedal.
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