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Originally Posted by Brucelee
I don't think high compression per se would generate a cam cover or valve cover leak. A head gasket maybe. Having said that, there are plenty of cars that have high compression that do not leak, certainly not RMS or the other leaks mentioned here.

It COULD BE the flat nature of the Boxer engine. Having said that, Subaru does NOT have a reputation for oil leaks.

Go figure.
I work on Subaru almost everday at the shop and can honestly say that at least 6 out of 10 car have front oil seal,head gasket or valve cover gasket leaks. One question- how bad do the RMS leak on 986/996?? Is it just a drop here and there or do they blow massive amounts out? I've seen NA cars that will leak five liters out in as little as 10km's of driving.
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