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Talking Update: Left Side Engine Oil Leak & 60k Service

My oil leaking problem is due to the Spark Plug O Ring....My mechanic changed ALL 6 Spark Plug Tubes and O Rings(6- big/6-small). The leak is coming from one of the tubes on the Left side....Since my Box has 55k and the Spark Plugs needed to be taken out to access the Tubes/O Rings, i also decided to do my 60k service in advance...New Fuel/Cabin/Air,Oil Filter, New Brake Fluid(ATE Racing Blue), Oil Change, New MultiRib Belt, Topped of all fluids, New Spark Plugs(FGR 6), Clean out all drain spouts in engine compartment, Full System Check using Porsche Diagnostic Computer, Test Drive...$675 for ALL the above/Parts & Labor(Done by a Porsche Master Tech friend who works for 20yrs for one of the major dealerships in my area )...My Box now purrs like a kitty!!
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