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okay guys, i need some help/recommendations. i was driving my car today and my check engine light came on. i went to autozone to check it out and sure enough codes 1128/1130. i remember a few months ago, i felt my engine nearly stall at idle, so i cleaned the maf. at the time, there was no CEL's to report. when i looked at my maf, i did not a small crack on the plastic rim. however, again, since there was no CEL, i just put it back in and played the "wait and see" game. well now, time finally came up. so when i got these cels today, i just assumed it would be the maf. but now that i'm reading in here about these codes, i wonder if it's the AOS. i tried the suction trick with the oil cap and sure enough, it was difficult to open. also, i did note recently that there was white smoke at startup. i honestly didn't think anything of it because i remember reading on here that that is somewhat normal. so now i wonder if it's the maf or aos or both. any suggestions? would a good cleaning of the maf, clear the cel's again? is it even safe to drive? i'm out of town this week, but was planning on returning next weekend and taking the boxster on another road trip. advise please. thanks.
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