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OBDII problems getting it to read with on board real time diagnostics...

Has anyone here tried the ELM 327 Bluetooth Interface with a 1997 Boxster? I am using an android phone with Torque. Very cool technology (when when it works) for on board siagnostic etc.
Unfortunately, when connected to my Boxster, it says "cannot read/connect to ECM" and then asks if the car key is on (something like that). It does the same on my girlfriends BWM (Yeah, don't pick on her for owning a BMW HAH). Lights flash like it is reading but says no contact.

I tested the bluetooth dongle and "torque" on my friends 2004 Ford F-250 and it worked fine, showed mixture ratios o2 sensors,fuel air mix, etc. This unit says "Supports all OBII protocols". My friend's exact same ELM 327 Bluetooth OBDII unit read my porsche and her BMW with no problem.

What am I missing? Any suggestions guys? The maunufacturers site isnt very helpful...
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