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Originally Posted by nola911
Here is what I know... A few test sets hit ebay a few months back for HUGE money.. 1800 for a pair.

A porsche shop in Europe named Design 911 was going to sell them and was actually taking pre-orders for a May 2011 ship date at 1 thousand for the set. The date came and went and the link went down. Apparently the manufacturer could not get them made in time and said 3-4 more months.

That brings us to today. They are showing up on Taiwanese wholesale sites, but dont think they are really ready and a couple people have contacted them to sell them and have all been quoted rediculous prices (1500+)

NOW, Someone make it work!
1.8k 1.5k seems a bit overkill for molded plastic housing, HID w/ Bi-xenon kit, and a few LEDs! Design-wise they do look really cool however I wouldn't pay more than $350-$400 per lamp (max $800 for the kit) - if acquired direct from the manufacturer anyway.

Modifying the stock headlights may be more logical for some. I'll try to write-up a small bi-xenon hack thread in a few minutes
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