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Price is not the issue. The manufacturing cost involved for let's say 25 pairs should be 15x higher than a bulk order of let's say 250 pairs.

The only way to get your hands on these lamps in sml qty is to have someone that speaks the local language, knows what kind of gift to give them and when, and knows how to deal with the TW sales dudes (and Taiwanese are not the easiest from previous exp!).

Rui725 seems to be the only hope on this one. Suggest he gets in touch and try to find out when will a bulk order be placed, slip-in smoothly and get that extra 25 pairs done at the very same time. Now that could be a potential deal for the forum members. (that's what we need to do to get stuff done from CNC manufacturers and others here in China).

If that is not cool with Rui725, I can give it my best shot and give them a call (using my limited spoken Chinese and cultural knowledge!).

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