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I guess you're right, Jinster. I'd be expecting to pay 120,000 for a Carerra, not a Boxster. US Boxsters tend to be about half that price at the end of the day, and they're essentially charging for these aftermarkets what a new set of OEM lights would run, so that equally bugs me. But it's also something I have to get used to compared to the way the aftermarket typically goes for a more domesticated/commonplace car, or at least for a marque whose badge doesn't immediately get someone thinking you paid six figures to get your car (though that would be the case for you). After market lights for a little econobox would be about 10-20% of what these are apparently going to cost. I said, they do look very very nice, maybe a group buy can happen and chip away at that cost a little...or a lot.

If you get your hands on a set, I demand pictures.

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