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I am in no rush to fix this problem. That is to say I will attempt so cautiously.

The car was running at the time the measurements were taken. The low side was measured at 148 psi. The high side at 150 psi. This was while the a/c was full blast and at the lowest temp. Again, I can hear the compressor engaging as well as detect a change in rpm on the guage.

In regards to the foam, there has been an ongoing issue since I purchased the car used a couple years ago. There is constant foam blowing through the air vents into the interior of the car. Even now I can see some behind the vents. This could very well be what is causing my issue, however I am not sure how.

Since it has always been like this, I never thought it would cause any problems, but now that I am experiencing some, perhaps this could have just been compounding. Maybe overtime the foam has blocked something in the system also causing a higher than normal reading for low side?

I do want to thank you all for trying to help me with my issue as well as advising me to be cautious. I don't feel defeated just yet so I would like to still attempt to fix this without the excessive costs of a professional.

Given my foam issue, is this something that is very likely to be causing a problem? I know it may seem silly to ask since I am having a/c problems but again the foam has always been loose and blowing in and never affected a/c prior (at least not detectable to me). I'm gonna hook up durametric and see if it can reveal something.
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