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Head crack & value of nearly blown 2001 S engine?

My 2001 Boxster S has already 191kkm's on it.
A few weeks ago the coolant light started to blink.
I added up water as directed by the local OPC.
The situation got worse and suddenly there was coolant all over the place, in the trunk and pouring out to ground.
It was then diagnosed that the coolant tank was cracked.
So in went a new coolant tank.
Unfortunately that was not the cause just the symptom.
The cooling system, water pump etc. all checked out so the obvious reason was the engine. It might have a blown head gasket but it also turned out that there are scratches or cracks in cylinder 4... it might be though that the head has cracked and bits have then created scratches to the cylinder (cannot be 100% sure without taking the engine into pieces). This was detected by looking into the engine with a boroscope. There are excessive bubles in the coolant tank when the engine heats up.

Anyway, as the mileage is already rather high and cost of even a head gasket change is enormous, not to mention what a complete rebuild would cost, I've opted for a guranteed replacement engine.

And then finally to the question. The shop doing the engine swap might consider buying my "not so perfect" engine. Anyway I get to keep the engine or get compensated for it. The question is what is the "going rate" that I should expect to get for a rebuildable 986 S M96.21 engine?

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