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Boxsters are a niche vehicles; especially because they're convertibles . And, they don't always appeal to just enthusiasts or Porschephiles, but rather their ownership can often be traced back to buyer impulse, mid-life crises and whimsical spending on the part of the average car buyer . And, in many cases, either financial difficulties or wavering interest often leads to the quick turn-over of these vehicles . For example, I was the 3rd owner of my boxster with only 6k on the odometer . Granted I was able to ascertain all of the vehicle's records and history before I purchased it . Nevertheless, on the face of it, despite the fact that the vehicle was in pristine condition, it had already had two previous owners within a relatively short period of time . In any case, my advice would be to not let the number of previous owners deter you from purchasing a boxster that you like provided that a thorough PPI has been conducted .
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