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I'm out. It's been great.

Hey everyone,

It has been wonderful being a part of this board for basically 4 years as I've owned my Boxster. I got it back in 2007 with 35,000 miles and I sold it with 105,000 miles ... I drove the heck out of my car through sun, rain and even snow every winter (DD) in Buffalo. I never got stuck or stranded once. There are a few reasons I had to move on:

1) Starting a family and a new car warranty gives me peace of mind.
2) Car needed 1.5k in repairs last month and now 3-4k in unrelated suspension and oil leak issues this month (also, never had RMS, IMS replaced). It was clearly time to get out. My salary just can't cover the costs of repairs for a 10 year old Porsche.
3) The cost of gas = slowly killing me

However, I feel Lucky to have owned it as long as I did and on my 50th birthday I can guarantee I'll be back into the world of fun cars. Thanks everyone and I wish you many miles of happy Boxstering!

1984 - 944 - The first one.
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