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Originally Posted by RandallNeighbour
if iPhones had flash, we'd have to have really really long wires to keep them charged up.

Flash is a memory hog = low battery life.

Plus, by Apple refusing to allow flash on ipods, ipads, and iphones, it has pushed everyone to adopt html5, a much better route indeed.

I'd love an iphone app for this web site. Then I wouldn't have to keep zooming in and out to see read stuff and reply.
It really depends on the developer, not Flash, as to how much memory is used. Html5 and any other language can be a memory hog too if you don't program it properly. If a tablet can't run Flash, it's not worth the box it came in to me. There's too much content out there that won't run on i-anything like investment, video and a lot of entertainment sites. Most of them are not going to spend 10s-100s of thousands of dollars redeveloping their sites just to please Mr. Jobs.

Please create a realphone app for the rest of us who have real smart phones that can when i-can't. BlackBerry has a larger market share than Apple and Android beats them both with 41%+ greater market share. They are both much easier to develop for than Apple too since the development tools are free and Java based, like a lot of this website.
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