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Originally Posted by yellowboxster01
I didn't rip anyone off. I am going to school full time in addition to working full time. My online access is limited but, I do appreciate all the kind words. Doc Fizz will have his money this afternoon.
I would sure appreciate getting my money back at this late stage in the game and I will let everyone know when that happens. I total understand getting bogged down by work and school so it would have been nice to at least have let me know what was going on instead of blowing me off for the last three weeks after I made payment. I am still trying to figure out your PM today saying that communication has been "bleak" when you have not responded to any of my emails/PMs; I was not sure if you were trying to apologize and you were agreeing that communication from you has been "bleak" or if you were trying to re-direct the issue. Non the less, I do appreciate you finally getting back to me with some kind of update.
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