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i did some research regarding possible oil leak reasons/areas aside from RMS(RMS leak is usually in the middle where the tranny meets the engine, LESS likely to have a oil burning smell unless its a HUGE leak since the leak is often well below the exhaust)....1. Valve Cover/Cam Cover Leak- OFTEN will some degree of oil burning scent since it is above the manifold. Leak located on the sides of the engine(either left or right). Remedy: re-torque cam/valve casing bolts(simple) or replace gasket/bolts/reseal....2. Spark Plug O Ring Leak- easy to locate under the spark plug boots either on both/any side of the engine . Remedy: Replace Spark plug O- Rings.....Are the info above pretty accurate??(pls. add. to the above info)......What are the symptoms for a Oil Filler Tube/Oil Separator Leak/Oil Pressure Switch Leak??....Anyone has an idea about the cost of repairing and the complexity of these leaks(Valve Cover/Spark Plug O Ring/Oil Separator, etc).......THNX!
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