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Originally Posted by WhipE350
Tru, maybe the cones are bigger then I thought, I did have that chamber opened once and it was pretty spacious but maybe not enough for a cone. What I was saying is shorten the snorkel enough so a cone would fit on it. Not sure I follow your direct air flow question. I would just leave the existing filter box in place, just remove the filter...I donno it was just a thought...
All of these after-market intakes have their own dedicated air box . The box is completely open on one side, and they sit nearly flush against the side air intake. This allows the cone filter to draw a high volume of incoming air . Thus, the name high flow air take.
Assuming that you could fit a cone style filter in the enclosed oem air box, regardless of how you modify the snorkel, I don't think that it would direct enough air flow for the intake to be effective.
Don't worry I've got the microfilm.

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