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Originally Posted by laphan
Jake D,

What are you going to do with your back window? Are you going to replace the top or try to stitch a new window in.
I cracked mine too and so far could not find anybody in MI who is willing to sew in new window.
I tried to stitch it in myself but I gave up after 1/2 hr and got 3 stitches on the top + 10+ stitches on my fingers.
I think im going to order a top from autotopdirect and install myself. I've never installed a new top and from what I've read its a real ********************, but I used to wrench on cars and I have a buddy who does upholstery so if I get in a real pinch I can probably pic his brain. I asked him about sewing in a new window, but to do it right it probably needs to come off and I'm not going to go through the whole process to put my old top back on.

I've been wanting a glass window so I can tint it and make it match the car and I have my car on craigslist just in case someone really wants it. So a new top would also be a selling point and look better.

Think this is the route I'm gonna go unless I come up with something better. Just having a hard time finishing the order and forking out that much $ right now.
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