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Most expensive air filter ever...

After computing the math and figuring out my car was getting roughly 17mpg (I know that's probably about normal) and realizing I've had the car for 20K and haven't done any general maintenance besides oil changes I decided yesterday it was time for spark plugs and an air filter (don't have the $ for all new coils)

When trying to access the engine to change the air filter, my back window cracked. So now I'm looking at replacing the top. Can't get a break.

I did a search and there is a ton of threads about tops, but I can't seem the find the link that I was looking for.

Someone had posted a link to a GAHH top under a different "company," but the shipping addresses were the same and overall it looked to be the exact same top with a lesser warranty. Does anyone have the link or company name?

Overall I was happy to find my engine was completely dry and looked good, but I figure changing the damn air filter may end up costing me $1000 or more.

Thanks, Jake
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