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Originally Posted by jdiba
Charley, I live in Central Ma, so am not familiar with any P-mechanics out that
way, but Auto Sport Engineering in Stowe, Ma (Central Ma) is outstanding. I
take my car there. They're actually on the LM Engineering approved repair
shops list. I talked with the owner about doing IMS the upgrade. I might do it
this summer when I have the $$. Mark and Len. They're Father and Son. Been
in business for 30 years. Nothing but Porsches.

You're the first to speak so highly of Auto Sport Engineering in Stowe . I, along with many other Porschephiles in the area, certainly have our druthers about them. Especially the father . If you plan to have them do your IMS upgrade, I suggest that you bring a shower curtain with you; because you're going to get "soaked" !
Don't worry I've got the microfilm.
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