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Originally Posted by charlie112
jdiba, I am a fairly new Porsche owner. My car has approx. 54,000 miles on it. I'm the second owner of the car. Car was always serviced by a Porsche dealership and I love the car. Recently I started reading 986 form,and found out I have a time bomb with the IMS and the rear main seal RMS. I started to inquire about having the IMS replaced before something major happens. What I would like to know from this form in Massachusetts are there any reasonable and reputable places that do after market repairs and close to where I live in Western Mass. If there is anyone that would not mind leaving me their phone number, I would appreciate being able to speak to someone that knows these cars, and could help me with some of these decisions. Thank You. Charlie
All of the good p-mechanics that I know are all located in the eastern part of the state .
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