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Thanks, for the comps and the input, guys. I wont touch the wheels now that I know what I have, I really do like them.

jmatta, your S looks awesome, I really need to get the duel tips, spoiler and clear side markers now! I saw in your profile your a PCA instructor. Both my parents had Porsches and were PCA members. I was an SCCA instructor one year in the early '80's. I use to race formula cars and held an SCCA & FIA Pro license back then. I started racing karts when I was 11 and both my son's started racing karts before they could ride a bike. My youngest (16) is racing shifter karts now, we are looking to move him into Spec Miata next year.

whipe350, thanks, blue light in my mirror would wipe the grin off in a hurry.

Lordblood, this is one I have been eying, Pelican sells a similar one if not the same.

Does anyone know a good source for duel tips for the exhaust?
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