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Help with the factory alarm

Hi everyone,

I recently purchased a 98 Boxster and although I'm thoroughly enjoying it, I'm slowly finding minor issues that need a little attention. I've been able to handle most of them, but the latest issue concerning the factory alarm is a little confusing. I hope someone can help.

I have the factory alarm with the 2 button remote on the key. First off, when I push the lock/unlock button on the remote, the doors lock/unlock but the parking lights don't flash nor do I get any audible conformation from a horn or siren (the red led on the dash and the lock button will flash). Second, with the top down and alarm activated, I can reach inside and open the door. When the door opens, the door and dome lights flash on and off for a min or 2 but no flashing exterior lights or annoying horn/siren to deter anyone from browsing through my belongings in the car or trunk/frunk. And the last is he gas lid. from what I can tell online, I think the lid is suppose to lock with the doors. I think the locking mecanisim is either missing or not hooked up.

So my question are, do I have a problem or is that how it's suppose to be? Is it just a feature that I need to turn back on? And how? And is there a way I can check if the wiring/module are connected properly?

Any suggestions and input would be appreciated. I never realized how unsecured the car really is (including the trunk and frunk.)

Thanks to everyone for all the great info on this forum.
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