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Originally Posted by d4lan
does anyone actually have et65 on the rears....if so what spacers are on...also do they come out of the arch?

A 10 inch wheel with a +65 offset is extremely high for a 986 boxster. Just to put things in perspective, the last three wheel sets that I had on my vehicle had the following fitments : 19x10 +40 , +36 and currently +31 . I've found that the ideal offset for a 10 inch rear wheel for a 986 falls between +40 to 45 . A more aggressive fitment can involve offsets as low as +35 to 40. In addition, if you ever decide to go the route of adjustable coilovers, to start, you are going to need a low offset of around +40 in order to clear the adjustable perch. So, with all of that said, a +65 offset is sub-optimal for your vehicle. And, as Jmatta indicated, you are going to need at least a 20mm spacer
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