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Originally Posted by JFP in PA
When Porsche designed the Boxster, they were very concerned about weight. Unfortunately, the market’s desire for bigger wheels exceeded the capabilities’ of the metal thickness they originally choose. And this is not that uncommon in the automotive world; Nissan currently is recalling several model year Altimas because the all aluminum rear sub frame and cross members are breaking up for the same reason. “Fecal matter occurs”……even when you have some of the best engineering on the planet working for you.

Hmmm... so lots of 97 owners IN 1997 went out and bought 18" rims, lots of them reported the mentioned failure so within say a few months they chose thicker metal for the 98 model? This is an "over time issue" these fractures never appeared in the first year I bet.

They knew about it way in advance what would happen because they changed the design for 1998!

I'm not trying to get in a big argument but I just find it a real ball ache when these flash companies know that there is something wrong but still ship it out anyway! RMS anybody? IMS.......... all the other "quality" brands are just as bad, just mention multitronic to an out of warranty Audi owner!!!

A quality vehicle lasts the test of time, pre late 90 Mercs and Audi's are pretty good as were the older Saabs. Toyota landcruiser?

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