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Originally Posted by jonnycool
Hmmm, good job I fitted 19's instead of those pesky 18's you mentioned!!

I have visions of the start of the 6 million dollar man...."we have separation.....I got a blow out......engines out......I can't hold it, she's breaking up...she's breakin..." lol

You can put 19 inch + rims on very nearly every car on the planet and all your worry will be is "I hope this **************** don't rub" put them on a 97 Boxster and all you worry about is can you fit all the parts that drop off in the trunk? if there IS a trunk!

Porsche "quality" is kinda getting old!
When Porsche designed the Boxster, they were very concerned about weight. Unfortunately, the market’s desire for bigger wheels exceeded the capabilities’ of the metal thickness they originally choose. And this is not that uncommon in the automotive world; Nissan currently is recalling several model year Altimas because the all aluminum rear sub frame and cross members are breaking up for the same reason. “Fecal matter occurs”……even when you have some of the best engineering on the planet working for you.
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