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Originally Posted by silverboxter
Thanks for your input. Just curious...did you have a similar issue to mine? You seem very knowledgeable.

ps Happy New Year!

I haven't had the exact same issue but I've had my shifter apart many times and have tried different shifter setups. When I had a B&M I noticed the same problem when I put to much tension on the bushings( there is a set screw to adjust bushing slop). The shifter wouldn't center itself and it was tougher to move side to side. My guess is the stock bushings are shot and binding up on yours. Porsche packs a little bit of grease in there and it's very possible it ran dry causing the issue you're having. Unfortunately Porsche designed the shifter so you can't remove the stock plastic bushings and repack them with grease without breaking them. Yeah, have a safe and happy New Year as well!
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