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Originally Posted by Elissa12
The 2002tii is considered by many to be the most desirable '02 produced by BMW and imported to the United States. Compared to a standard 2002, a tii offers greater performance and overall value. Thus, a 2002tii is usually worth more, and therefore, more highly touted.Since the last U.S. tii's were made in 1974, finding one in good shape without owner modifications has grown increasingly difficult. This is especially true considering the tii's mechanical uniqueness and the cost of replacement parts. Furthermore, since the 2002 is a "tinkerer's car," many owners have upgraded their regular 2002s with tii hardware to increase performance.
And how is that relevant to the boot?

Anyway I have a 2000 model. The cable snapped when using the FOB, but this model has 2 cables so the manual lever in the door sill still worked thankfully.

I ended up repairing the remote cable myself with a simple wire clamp.

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