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Hi WhipE350,

It is nice to have another Charlottean on the site, welcome.

I'm not familiar with any aftermarket steering wheels that utilize the stock airbags. Does your car have the 3-spoke or 4-spoke wheel? My car is a 2000 base and they came with the 4-spoke wheel. If you have a 4-spoke you may want to upgrade to the 3-spoke. It is a common mod done by me and many others. In addition to getting a new, or newer steering wheel, it looks and feels better. You do need a specific airbag for the 3-spoke wheels.

I kept an eye out years ago on eBay and found a new 3-spoke steering wheel. I then purchased a new airbag for it. Actually I purchased two because I later wanted to change the crest color.

Hope this helps with the steering wheel and I'm sure others will chime in on the pipes.




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