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What's your YM?

Mine does not always come on. It depends on how long the engine was off and if I filled the gas tank. First thing in the morning and after a fill-up I get the 45 seconds. In a store and out, the 5 seconds. Off and back on quickly, like when I'm testing things, no oil level indicator.

One thing to watch, if you haven't had the problem yet, is the ignition switch. There are little things that start happening until one day you can't get the key in. If you notice other things that normally come on when the key is turned suddenly fritzing, get the ignition switch and replace it. It's an easy job, about 30min-1 hour depending on your mechanical abilities. The switch is $32 at AutoZone or on eBay. If you catch it early, you'll save yourself some big headaches like being stranded because the key won't go in or no A/C.
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