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I have always changed my tranny and drive component oils every 30K miles in my cars. Both of my mechanics ( MD & ID) have always agreed with this practice. (Both of them are somewhat the "Gearhead" types.)

Even on my small fleet of 18 wheelers I changed Dino oils at 50K and Synthetic at 100K. Those were supposed to be good for 100 to 250K for the Dino and 500K to a million/life time for the synthetic.

Works for me anyway. I've owned three trucks that each went a millon miles or more that I know of and many cars that went 100K to 200K plus miles. Here is a tip I learned a long time ago. When your drive componetnts are new or newly rebuilt, change the oils at the first 1 thousand miles. Long time mechanics say it does make a differance and will extend the life expectancy.

Come to think of it, even my motorcycles get this kind of treatment and they run forever too.
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