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PPI was done by Loeber Porsche.

Loeber was really close to the previous owner and she could get it there and wait.
Generally, I was happy (but not thrilled) with the report process.

Not as complete as some have talked about - but they certainly covered the basics.
For example they caught that a convert. cable was broken.

One line item on their work estimate made me chuckle - front carpet was damp because of a drain being plugged.

Cost to dry the carpet $800 - five hours of labor.

So a $1.00 in electricity to run the fan and then $799 to .......
(insert punch line here)

Oh BTW for Charles - the engine had just 15,000 miles replaced due to IMS failure in CA. Dealer in CA (Pacific Porsche ) who did the swap claims the replacement engine (08 or newer) has a fix or at least an improvement for IMS issue.
Not sure if this is true or just the pitch?

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