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Cool thread. I wonder if the news of bad news spreads faster than the good news? You never hear people randomly stating how they do not have issues with their 986/987 cars yet the IMS/RMS issues are well documented.

Anyway, I may be in the market for yet another Boxster. I've had 4 and drove 3 of them as pretty much daily drivers. Other than one alternator, the 3 gave me no issues at all and only required tire and oil changes. My 99 Boxster I put 40K miles on, 01 S 30K miles on it, 03 S about 25K miles on. The 4th I bought last winter, a gem of an 05 S with 16K miles and warranty, never registered it and sold it in three weeks and bought a Ferrari 360 Modena. Oddly I knew I made a mistake and should have kept the 987. Driving the Boxster S routinely outweighed driving the Fcar on special occasions.

So here I am again, much more budget minded trying to decide if I should look for a low mile 03/04 S or step up to an 05 S. I've searched this site for a while but still can't really make a decision yet. The car will be a fair weather daily driver and will probably see about 10K miles per year, maybe a bit more. Do I just go the best bang for the buck and look to spend low 20's for a nice 03/04 S or do I spend the extra for the 987? I only drove my 987 8 miles before selling it so I really am not familiar with the car. I do know this...I'm not interested in spending over $30K for a 987 when a nice 04 S can be had for $20K (or so I am hoping).

Maybe I was lucky with my three 986 cars, never had a single issue with them and they were a blast to drive!!
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