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IMS/RMS Preemptive Strike

So i'm about to buy my first Boxster. I've been looking at '00s -'02s. It looks like for my budget my car with have somewhere between 50k-80k on it. So I already know i would probably have to get the big 60k service done.

I have to admit the IMS problem is scaring me (i'm not so concerned with the RMS failure).

Should I consider getting the RMS/IMS/Clutch done as well as some kind of preemptive strike against the failure even though they could be fine. From what I see the IMS replacement is usually done with superior parts than those fitted from new so the chance of failure post changing are slim to none.

I plan to keep the car for 7+ years and will do at least 6k-7k p/y on average so spending $3k now would be easier to swallow that spending $15k whenever these problems occur.

Has anyone done or even considered this?

Do we see more failures on the base model rather than the 'S' model?

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