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hi, thanks for the reply. Anyways, i found the problem. So here it is. Everybody tells me that when the AAOS faila, the vacuum is too big. Well in this case, the problem was that the diaphram inside was working perfectly well when there was only little vacuum. Tested it with a vacuum pump. Up to 15Hg all was ok. diaphram closed with the vacuum, then opened when pressure built up on the other side and so forth. Now, when higher vacuum was applied (30Hg and above) the diaphram closed once and then never opened again, til the vacuum was shut off. I ordered a new AOS, but I'll open the old one for sure when I get the replacement, to see how that thing looks from the inside. I'd guess that there's some kind of breather channel for the diaphram to open again when pressure builds up on the crankcase side.
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