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Originally Posted by tonycarreon
while i'm not a big fan of the humpy area, i have to admit i love the wider rear end - one of the few things i really like about the 911s.
I too love the wide rear of a 911, that's why I got a C4S over a C2 was for the wider rear. To me the wide body 911 has got a nice looking rear, kinda how J-Lo's rear looks good a little wide. Now as for the 911 cabs though, the rears just look to lumpy and bulbous to me. More like a bloated, obese woman's butt, definitely not J-Lo refinded. I've never liked the looks of the 911 cabs based on this. I was excited about this news on the 911 Speedster until I saw the photos... It looks even worse than a regular cab!

>PDK only ... what a shame.

Don't knock it. PDK is FAST! Have you see how fast the new 911 Turbo is with PDK? Read the latest Motor Trend and you'll see that even the manual transmission Turbo is one of the fastest cars they've ever tested. One of my PCA buddies has a 996 Turbo X-51 and he drove last year's turbo with the PDK and was really quite smitten with it, almost to the point of giving up his current wonderful ride. I've purposefully avoided driving one so as to maintain my meager bank account!

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