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I know I might get a little fire from this one, but I would recommend that you take it to The Porsche Exchange in Highland Park. It is an actual Porsche dealer (I know...I know..) that I have dealt with a few times when my car broke down in Skokie.

I have found them to be the best place, albeit Porsche of Scottsdale in AZ or SLK ******************************** in Orland Park to work with.

They are more expensive if memory serves me correct their labor is $156/hr so a PPI would cost you between $300-400, but some of the mechanics I have talked to are very knowledgeable and own Porsches themselves unlike my local dealership....

One other factor with taking it to a Porsche dealership is any and all maintenance that was ever performed at a dealer can be pulled up with the VIN if the current owner doesn't have all the records or some of the original ones if he is the second or third owner.

Just my two cents, but good luck. There are so many exceptional shops in the Chicago area you can't go wrong in choosing.

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