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I've got a '99 with 33k miles, however the motor was replaced at 10k. Other similar tales I've found all indicate the idler coming apart shortly after the 30k service...due to misadjustment?? I know the 30k service dictates an inspection of the belt, & the 60k a replacement. Unfortunately(well, fortunately, really), the previous owner had the service done prior to me purchasing the car, so I can't really go back to the, the dealer was incredibly helpful in giving me info on the maintenance history of the car prior to my purchase. That alone is worth the $300 to fix the idler IMO.

deliriousga, I had no such tell tale rattle, I will tell you that my Defender-90 had a weak idler pulley that gave off a rattle, and it's known in the D90 circles that if you notice it vibrating back & forth & wait on it, it will separate & punch holes in all sorts of expensive British underhood parts. By lost it, I mean that the belt shredded off due to the pulley cracking off of the center bearing mount.
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